First Impressions: SDF Macross

sdf-macrossI’m 8 episodes into the original SDF Macross, and I can say that it certainly is rather slow paced. I see parts of it I like, and parts of it I don’t but something I definitely notice is that slow pacing. Every episode feels long, and my motivation to watch multiple at a time is rather low, but I still am enjoying the ride. It might not be the most thrilling of series, but it at least is holding my attention and makes me want to continue watching. I’ll certainly finish up the series, but I don’t think it’ll be anything spectacular. As much of a timely classic this one is, I don’t see it as being anything more than a little fun and enjoyable; nothing amazing, but at the very least enjoyable. If you’re a fan of older series, or are a fan of mechs, I would encourage you to check this one out, seeing as it is one of those old franchises that has made its mark on the scene. If the pacing’s too slow for you, I can say that that hasn’t improved 8 episodes in, so it might not be for you if that’s your situation. I feel this one will be at least decent, but nothing more than that.


First Impressions: Black Lagoon

black-lagoonThe rule of cool definitely seems to play a large part in Black Lagoon. Starting off, this series seems like a fast paced, adrenaline filled ride complete with enough intrigue to keep me entertained at the least. While I’m not super into it as of now, I see myself at least finishing it to see how everything plays out. This doesn’t seem like my particular cup of tea: heavy, over-the-top action isn’t something that’ll pull me through a series, but it’s not something I particularly dislike (but it’s something I enjoy from time to time). This seems like a series about a bunch a mercenaries trying to find their way in the world, and I’m hoping the series starts to focus more on their lives and choices rather than the unbelievable feats of action that I’ve seen throughout the first 3 episodes. For what it’s worth, the characters seem very interesting and I’m very interested in learning their backstories, and I am very eager to see how Rock takes things going forward, the switch from a white collar job to lawless gang work is an interesting thing to have to deal with. This seems like a series I’ll enjoy, but I don’t feel it’ll be anything more than that; although with that, I still think you should check it out, and if you’re into crazy action more than I am, this might just be the series for you.

First Impressions: Spice and Wolf (Season 1)

spice-and-wolfI’ve gotten my way through 3 of the total 13 episodes of the first season of Spice and Wolf, and I am already completely entranced in the story. The ideas presented about markets, and trading are very interesting to listen to, and that is only helped by the fact that I find each of the 2 main characters very fascinating and intriguing. So far this series seem to be shaping up to one that I am going to greatly enjoy the ride through; I might even have it done before I finish writing this. Not really, but I have a feeling I’m gonna be on to season 2 before I can even bat an eye. While I don’t feel this series will be for everyone, I would certainly urge you to give it a shot, I’m sure enjoying it to quite the degree, and each time I finish an episode, I just have to get to the next. As of now, I can certainly say that this series seems to be right up my alley, and I can’t wait to watch more.

First Impressions: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

ghost-in-the-shell-stand-alone-complexAfter having watched the first 4 episodes of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, I can safely say that I see a ton of potential for the series going forward. So far, the series has proven to be incredibly smart, and does an excellent job of merging its philosophical bits into the story. The series seems to be divided into 2 different types of episodes, Stand Alone episodes, and Complex episodes (hence the “Stand Alone Complex”). The Stand Alone episodes seem to deal more with the philosophical portion of the series, and the Complex episodes seem to deal more with world and character building, as well as having an overarching narrative to drive things along. I’m really looking forward to watching more of this classic series, and I imagine I’ll have it finnished very shortly; it’s really grabbed me and made me wanna know everything. As of now, I would absolutely recommend this series to any one at all, especially those who like anime. Going forward, I would love to see this series continue to push itself, and to let tension rise and ideas continue. I’m loving it right now.

First Impressions: Rec

recAfter having watched 5 episodes of Rec, I can say that the series seems to be something fun and enjoyable to watch. The story seems to be going down the direction of two characters finding and understanding how to survive in the adult world, all while gradually becoming romantically involved with eachother. The “fitting into the adult world” thing is reminiscent of NANA, a show I think is fantastic, and so I’m a little excited for this little series. Unfortunately for me, this series is only 10 episodes long if you include the special, and each episode is only 13 minutes long. Luckily though, there is a manga that’s been completed so if I want to continue with the story, that option is available. The romance between the two characters is also nice to see as after episode one, it is very clear that the two like eachother, and they don’t seem to do much to hide that fact other than the fact that they say the two of them aren’t romantically involved; they don’t go out and say they don’t like eachother, and instead just say they aren’t close, and I like that. The two protagonists are likable and each seem to have their own goals in mind of what they want to see themselves in the future. So far, the series has been a fun watch and I encourage you to watch it as well.

First Impressions: Cencoroll

cencorollCencoroll is a fun ride through and though, and I would highly suggest you check it out; it’s only 26 minutes long, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t. I’m very excited to see that there is a sequel coming out because I would really like to see where the story goes, considering it is incomplete after this first episode. Normally I would call this an initial review considering I’ve seen the whole thing, but because it was so short and a sequel’s coming out, I’ll save a review until the story completes itself (or until they decide to stop making it). I can’t really say much without spoiling things, but it does give me a similar feeling to Parasyte, one of my most favorite series. I hope this turns out just as good, and I hope it ends up being longer than just 2, 26 minute episodes; there’s a lot of potential here. I recommend you check it out and see it for yourself, I definitely feel it’s worth your time.

First Impressions: Gunbuster

gunbusterI’m 2 episodes into it, and Gunbuster feels like a much different series than I’m used to, and I like that, however, that still doesn’t mean I think the series is without its shaking moments. First off, the series feels very rushed, and didn’t take much time to flesh out its characters, and that hurts it a lot; while they did seem to give each one a personality, they have yet to give them some compelling characteristics. I hope the series doesn’t continue on the path it has, with how rushed a lot of the character development is, if it can solve that, I’m confident that I will enjoy this series. What it does well, is set up some good action sequences, and if the character development were there, it would have set up some very good drama pieces, but because it wasn’t, those scenes fell a little flat. I have hopes for this series going forward, and hope that it will slow down as it exits its exposition stage and decides to develop things properly. Our main character, Noriko Takaya, could definitely could be fleshed out some more, but she does have the template for a very likable and fun character, and I hope that as I continue watching, I will be able to root for her. I’m hopeful for this series because it has the structure to support a very well done and thought out series, but whether or not it can capitalize on that has yet to be seen, and I hope that I’m right for putting my faith in it.

First Impressions: Mahoutsukai no Yome

mahoutsukai-no-yomeMahoutsukai no Yome, is a series I see great potential in, if only it had more episodes, or was a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of this series, and am saddened to see that it is only getting 3 total episodes released over an entire year. The characters so far, are incredibly likable, the setting is amazing, and the visuals are some of the best I’ve seen; this series could be so much more than what I see in its future. I hope I’m wrong, and that the next 2 episodes really blow me away with their quality, as I have been wrong about short series before: Planetarian, one of my favorite series (I’m excited for the movie!!). Because there’s only 1 episode out, and another one probably won’t be coming out for a while, the only thing I can really say about this series, without spoiling things, is that the series has some supernatural/magical elements in it, some really low-key sort of quality of life magic (think Flying Witch), not the “I’m shooting fire and lightning out of my hands” type magic. I would highly suggest you take a look at this first episode, as I believe this series has a lot of potential. I look forward to future episodes, and I hope that it lives up to what I’ve seen so far; it could grow into something amazing.

First Impressions: Clannad

clannadI’m 3 episodes into Clannad, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. So far, there hasn’t been much in it that has gotten me hooked, or has turned my head, aside from a scene where our main character, Tomoya Okazaki, talks about why he doesn’t play basketball anymore. As of now, the characters appear to have the personality of they’re specific quirk, with one girl being sickly and lonely, one being aggressive and outgoing, one being cold and aggressive, one being the idiot friend, and the list goes on, I hope that the series doesn’t keep its characters this way, and instead decides to develop them in to something more than just a few quirks. I also haven’t figured out whether the series is going for more comedic antics or for serious drama, and there are certainly glimmers of each, but I feel that the drama side could be more fleshed out and would leave for a much better experience for me personally, as I find the comedy mostly lack luster. If the show gets rid of some of its running gags, and actually decides to tell a serious story, I can see myself enjoying it to a significant degree, but if it tries to keep doing what its doing, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed, as I had high hopes for this series due to its many great reviews. I hope I’m wrong, and that these few issues I have with it will just go away as the series goes on; I’ll just have to see, but as for now, I’m not impressed.

First Impressions: Hourou Musuko

hourou-musukoHourou Musuko, 3 episodes in, and I’m already loving it. It has the same feel (and artstyle) as Koi Kaze and Aoi Hana, two shows I appreciate a lot. This series, like the other two, doesn’t seem to be afraid to do what it wants to do, and explores an idea that isn’t often explored, and it does it in a completely series manner. It explores a concept that is completely foreign to me (I’m not transgender) and really seems to be delving into the lives of people who feel this way, and that is something that I find fascinating. I like learning about the many different perspective that different people have, and this series scratches that itch for me, it explores the mindset and everyday life of people who are transgender. This issue, is often passed around the politics table and is often used as a bargaining chip just to win votes and not actually taken as a serious issue, while this series helps raise awareness about it and helps get people to care about it. I’m really enjoying the series so far, and I hope it keeps up with what it’s keeping up with, and I’m really happy to see a piece of media exploring a subject as touchy and controversial as this one.