This is just a little place where I talk about the types of entertainment that I enjoy, whether it be anime, manga, live-action film, literature, or my own creative writing. As of the most recent update of this page, I mostly do reviews and impressions of series, but I’d like to get some more analysis posts going in the future; and I’d also like to get some more creative writing posts up. There aren’t many goals I have for the blog as of now except as a small place to catalog my thoughts for the Internet to see, but I have a feeling that’ll change over the years, who knows? maybe I’ll make this a main facet of my life. Also, because of my lack of work ethic for the most part, I’ve come up with a few goals and consequences to fill to get my lazy rear up and moving to do more stuff, here they are (for now):

50 Followers: Reorganize the blog and read up on how to use WordPress better.

100 Followers: Customize the blog to not look so generic and bland.

500 Followers: Make an Amaa (Ask me almost anything) post.

1000 Followers: Start a Patreon.

As for what happens after that, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

Also, feedback is greatly appreciated on every post I make; comments that inform me about what you liked/didn’t like and how to improve are invaluable and help me make better content for you, so please, let me know how you feel about my posts, and maybe, it could turn into a conversation. As for stuff on other platforms, I have a MAL (My anime list) account here and a Reddit account as well. I’m thinking about getting a Twitter account, but I’m not sure yet. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my content and will see you again in my other posts, but as for now, have fun (still working on some sort of dumb, stupid catchphrase 🙂 ).

Oh! One other thing, here’s one of my favorite pictures that I think has the most well presented meaning and idea of any I’ve seen:


By: Wenqing Yan of Yuumei Art