Manga Discussion: Solanin

SolaninSolanin is a great example of a series that really knows how to hit hard with its drama and atmosphere, while also keeping in touch with reality. Inio Asano has truly done a fantastic job in this short series of illustrating his points perfectly. He has incorporated every emotion into this timeless piece and made it truly something special. The hardships of becoming an adult, adapting to the world, and the constant contemplation of why you exist are key aspects of the story, which while depressing, always seems to imbue a sense of hope and optimism to whoever is reading. This is truly a fantastic story you do not want to miss out on, and one that really reflects the feelings a lot of people have towards the world and others around them, even if those emotions are subconscious at most. Understanding oneself and the world around is something everyone has to go through,  and I cannot give Asano enough credit when it comes to that very simple, yet powerful theme. I award this series a Certificate of Excellence, and the status of Must Read. I highly, highly encourage you to pick it up, especially since Viz Media gave this series such a high quality release. Please read this series! You won’t regret it!


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