Manga Discussion: Love in Hell

Love in HellA lot of potential with too short of a runtime; that’s how I feel about the series Love in Hell. This series had one of the most interesting worlds I’ve seen in a manga series, and while that may be because I haven’t read some of the larger and more well renowned series (Berserk and One Piece  to name a couple), compared to the anime I’ve watched (which is a lot) it still comes out near the top for having an interesting world. It not only has a great world that could have been explored so much, but the characters are also incredibly likable and interesting themselves. The dynamic between the two mains, Koyori and Rintaro is incredibly fascinating to watch. The series also had some very interesting character dynamics going on throughout the series, but due to the short length, they were never really explored in-depth. Unfortunately, this series only has a three-volume run, and while it does have an ending, I would have loved to explore not only the world, but the lives of the characters so much more. And while there is a second series that came out, after taking a few snapshots of it, it just doesn’t look the same. So, unfortunately, this series is just one that could have been great to me, and if it had maybe eight or ten volumes, would certainly have been up there for one of my favorites. With all that said, I still think this is a series you should check out, but sadly because of the series regrettably short length, I give it a:

7 out of 10.

Also, I still have yet to receive a short manga recommendation from you guys, so if you’d like to hear a review of a series you just love, head over to this page and leave a comment. 🙂


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