Manga Discussion: Boku Girl

Boku GirlAn interesting romance involving the relationships between a group of friends: Boku Girl does this in a comedic and different way. A fun gender-bender rom-com, this series is sort of long, and has some nice elements to it, but it also had some irksome moments as well, and the ending felt slightly rushed, but overall, the series was enjoyable to me. The relationships between the characters was nice to follow, and the ending, while rushed, still ended in a nice spot. One problem that the series faces however, is that it seems to feel repetitive after a while, and the progress seems to slow down considerably in the mid section, so if that’s something that bothers you, then you might not enjoy this series a  whole lot. Overall, I’d say it was an enjoyable read for me, but not something super special that I think I’ll re-read countless times in the future; it was just something that I read and felt satisfied after finishing. So, with that, I’d give this series a:

7 out of 10.


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