Manga Discussion: What a Wonderful World!

what-a-wonderful-worldWhat a Wonderful World is a short, 2 volume series told through various short stories of snip-its of people’s lives. A nice look at a lot of different perspectives, and it is very interesting to see all the ways that the characters are connected to each other. Each little story is like the beginning of  a much larger tale, but we only ever get to see that one little moment. While there are certainly a lot of themes going on in the series, I wasn’t able to pick up nearly that many of them, and I feel that it would take me several readings to finally come up with everything this series is about. The presentation of the story is very unique, and depending on how you see it, you might find it as a positive or a negative: because the stories themselves are so short, you never really get attached to the characters, not only that, but they aren’t fleshed out that much either, and it may find you feeling disconnected; however, because there are so many different stories and so many different perspectives, the world feels really big and alive, even with one of the narratives seeming to contradict that. The way everything connects is also an amazing feat of storytelling and truly excellent work by Inio Asano in the way he managed to pull it off. While the story might have a lot to say though, it is still incredibly complicated and hard to dissect, and that I feel is a rather large negative as it requires a lot from the reader in order to fully understand everything that is going on because everything’s moving quickly and each character only has the focus for a short amount of time. Overall though, I feel the series is a great read, and since it’s so short, you might as well. I give this series an:

8 out of 10.


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