Initial Review: Pale Cocoon & Harmonie


This one’s a little bit of a special review, since this time I’ll be taking a look at 2 short films by Studio Rikka, each only being about 25 minutes long, and to start off with I’ll start off with Pale Cocoon. Seeming to take place in the far future, this film is an interesting one that deals with environmental issues about Earth. While the animation is outdated, and the video quality isn’t that great, it still manages to look decent enough to tell the story it needs to, and the CG used in large amounts actually looks pretty good. Since it’s so short, there isn’t much to talk about without spoiling anything, but I would say that while not very gripping, was certainly able to at least hold my attention all the way through, and its portrayal of its characters was at least pretty interesting. I’d give it a:

7 out of 10.

Now, on to the next short film, Harmonie. This film I found to be more compelling and had some nice character dynamics, and some well don “show don’t tell” story telling methods. You could tell what social group each character was apart of even though it wasn’t stated, while also being able to see what each of the characters cared about. I also felt the story was slightly more compelling and had me wanting more by the time it ended so I could see where each of the characters ended up later in the story. As for this film, I’d give it an:

8 out of 10.


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