Manga Discussion: A Girl on the Shore

a-girl-on-the-shoreShort and stark, A Girl on the Shore really hits hard with its narrative and characters. The series doesn’t try to make you feel good and you can just tell by looking at the frames that it isn’t a happy story at all. It isn’t often that I find a story as hard hitting as this one, and if you’re looking for a series that’ll make you think about some dark, and heavy stuff, this one will definitely do it for you. The two main characters are very fleshed out and you can really see the reasoning behind the things they do. The series almost never lets up on its drama, except for in the final chapter were I feel things fall apart. Up until about midway through the second-to-last chapter, I was thinking that this series was going to be a masterpiece, and one that was almost always great, but due to the awkwardness of the last chapter and the oddity that was the ending, I was left feeling disappointed instead of satisfied. While the series is still worth the read, and one  I would highly recommend, I still feel like it had more potential than what it ended up being. The series had the perfect length, fantastic characters, a phenomenal rhythm and beat, but just fell short of being something that would certainly be in everyone’s top 10 best manga of all time. Even though it has an ending that is a little lackluster, everything else about the series made me wanting more, and really allowed me to get into the minds of the characters just by the way they were drawn, and how they were acting. Inio Asano really crafted a fantastic story in there and drew everything to match the tone of the series, and boy, does it match; just by looking at the artwork you can tell exactly would the mood and tone of that moment is and it is wonderfully crafted. While just felling short of being a masterpiece, this is certainly not something you want to skip, and so I would give this series a:

9 out of 10.


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