5 Romance Anime for Valentines Day!

Just some anime for the day of love, and I hope I’ve done a good job naming some series that are not the super cliché picks, nor shows that are super popular. Please note that these entries are in no particular order and are not necessarily my favorite, romance anime, but instead some off-kilter picks for some lesser known shows/movies.

  1. Aoi Hanaaoi-hanaTo start off with, we’ve got a nice romance between girls, and about figuring out who you are. With relationships that always seem to be intertwined in unfortunate ways and a feeling of never ever getting together with the person you want to, this series is a nice shoujo-ai romance without any of the ridiculousness that typically comes with these kinds of shows; it’s way more down to earth than a lot of other girl-girl romance shows. It’s a real nice drama that may pull your heartstrings a bit.
  2. Mayo Chikimayo-chikiThis series happens to be one of a genderbent butler trying to fulfill his families line of work. Unfortunately for her, is that one of the stipulations of her keeping her butler job is that no one is to find out about it, and because this is a piece of entertainment, the rule of drama means that some must find out about this secret; this person just so happens to be the love interest of the series who promises to keep his mouth shut. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Midori no Hibimidori-no-hibiHave you ever wondered what it would be like if your hand were your waifu, well look no further than this nice little rom-com. There’s not really much else to say about this fantastic series other than you should watch it. I mean come on,  do you really wanna pass up on a story that talks about guy with girl troubles having his hand turned into the perfect waifu?
  4. Hoshi no Koehoshi-no-koeA lesser known film by Makoto Shinkai, and a short one at that, totaling at only 25 minutes, and talks about long distance relationships, and I mean really long distance relationships, like distances that need to be measured in AUs. This one will probably be a lot more dependent on the one watching, but you’ll probably end up liking it more than I did, and who knows, maybe it’ll make you shed a tear.
  5. KarinkarinLastly, we have a vampire romance, and no, there isn’t a lot of gore in this series, just maybe a lot of blood. This series details the relationship between the vampire Karin and the only human that knows her secret, Kenta; the fact that she’s a vampire and that she’s a vampire that doesn’t drink blood, but instead has it come bursting out of her fangs!  A nice romance series that felt a lot shorter than it was.

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