Manga Discussion: The Gods Lie

the-gods-lieA solid premise with some really great concepts, but let down by its short length; that would be The Gods Lie for me. The underlying story of this single volume series is the relationship between the two main characters: Natsuru, a young up-in-coming soccer player; and Rio, a mysterious girl that seems to stand out from all the other kids. Upon Natsuru’s meeting with Rio, a chain of events begins and changes their lives forever… but the series isn’t long enough to be as impactful as it could have been. With the story being only 5 chapters inside a single volume, there’s very limited space to work with and because of that, the story feels very rushed a lot of the time and as a result of that, the drama can also feel forced at times because of a lack of fleshing out the main characters and the world they inhabit, not to mention the fact that the believability of the story is already a little low because I feel the characters are just slightly too young, being only in sixth grade. The story underneath, nevertheless, is very strong and the premises the story deals with are very well thought out and executed, and should certainly draw you in to the events that are unfolding. This series disappoints me more than anything because I feel that if given more pages, the series could have very well been something that I remember for a long time and been something that is amongst my favorites, but unfortunately, while not forgettable, is something that will sink to the bottom of my mental manga catalog; not being lost, but certainly something that’ll have to be brought to the surface. With those thoughts, I would give this series a:

7 out of 10.


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