Manga Discussion: Wolf Children

wolf-children-mangaIf you’re a fan of the film, the manga adaptation of Wolf Children, while still being very good, is not quite up to the merits of the film. To start things off, I would like to congratulate Yen Press on their release of the manga; the hardcover edition is very nice and the translation is very well done and had a lot of character, the only flaw really being the very awkward translation of a specific and important phrase, but aside from that, they really did a very nice job translating this edition. Now, on to the other stuff. For the artstyle, I thought it matched the story very well, and while there were a few moments where I felt things were a little off, the majority of the illustrations matched the theme and tone of the story very well, and they really do justice to the original material. The only real downside to the manga version of the story, is the loss of a lot of thematic and tonal elements brought to the film by its voices, sound effects and score, that I feel really hurt the print edition of the story. It still has a lot of great moments, and adds a few things that make things a little bit better, the loss of that sense really puts a damper on this story specifically. I distinctly remember forcing myself to remember the sound bit of, “I’m gonna be a little girl all the way home” from the film through my head because the translation wasn’t even close to that line (it was translated as “three presents, three octopuses”) and while you might say that that was just a result of an awkward translation, it got me thinking; voice played a massive role in the presentation of the film, I distinctly remember the phrase to a T with every little inflection of voice with each little nuance of beat. A large part of why the film was as emotionally impactful and as gripping as it was, was due to that audio component that it had, and that doesn’t really transition to print media. While I am incredibly happy that I own this and can say that it’s part of my collection, I would say that unless you enjoyed the film, I would pass on this edition (although I find it very hard to not like the film, it’s one of the best films I’ve seen, period). Now, if you did like the film, I can say that this is something you might be looking at reading/picking up as it is still a story that’s so good, it’s nice to see presented in two different fashions. It’s because of this that I give the manga adaptation an:

8 out of 10.


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