Initial Review: 5 Centimters Per Second

5-centimeters-per-secondIf you wanna feel completely crushed after watching a film, then you might wanna check out 5 Centimeters Per Second. Certainly not a happy story, but one that will leave you in awe of the breathtaking visuals throughout its run, and vacate your mind of every thought but “wow” at the end. The film is broken up into 3 parts, each dealing with a different part of our main character, Takaki’s, life. Each part is a compelling piece in it of itself, with the final part leaving you at a loss for words. A sad story it is, and one I would definitely recommend to anyone, and if your someone who’s been in a long distance relationship before, this film might strike an even bigger chord with you. While the film may be short, it has a lot of emotion in it, and is certainly worth the watch, and is a film that will almost certainly leave you feeling dead on the inside. With all that though, some moments feel a little out of place, and I feel that the ending didn’t hit me as hard as it could have. I feel like this film could certainly have been more than it was, but even so, the film is still great, and one you should definitely check out; I give it an:

8 out of 10.



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