Initial Review: Children Who Chase Lost Voices

children-who-chase-lost-voicesIt’s been awhile since I’ve watched something about a grand adventure and so Children Who Chase Lost Voices was a nice little adventure for me to indulge in. To start off, the film was directed by Makoto Shinkai, and so the visuals are flat out phenomenal and with that in mind, you should watch the film at the very least for the feast it has for your eyes; it’s like 2 full hours of non-stop amazing backgrounds and animation. That said, the story isn’t the most well put together one I’ve seen, but it does seem to suffice for an adventure story, especially with the world feeling so alive, and looking so beautiful as it is; the world of Agartha is breathtaking to behold, and in an adventure story, the place being adventured through means a whole lot in terms of enjoyment. While the plot can seem a little odd some of the time, those parts are quickly forgotten as it takes us back to the adventure at hand. The romance in the film is largely to blame for some of the awkwardness in the film because it feels very off, out of place, and forced most of the time, causing some of the characters motivations to feel weak, and not fleshed out well. The film is very good at making you feel a certain way, and is the only film that has gotten me to feel frightened or disturbed with the introduction of the Izoku,  genuinely terrifying creatures, framed with the perfect soundtrack and visuals to make them even more frightening. The film isn’t anything spectacular as a whole, but it does have moments that stand out as being great and a  world that is just fantastic to look at and one I’d like to know more about, and so I give the film an:

8 out of 10.


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