Initial Review: Black Lagoon

black-lagoonTons of action, plenty of gunpowder and smoke, and a whole lot of attitude, that’s what Black Lagoon seems to be. As I noted in my first impressions post, the actions and escapades created by the rule of cool are certainly a driving factor to ones enjoyment of the series. Those who enjoy tons of action and over the top nonsense will most likely have a fantastic time watching this series, and while it does have its deeper and more meaningful moments, those points haven’t been explored all too heavily in this first season. One moment though that really made me feel like this series will certainly have something to offer in that department was a moment between the main male protagonist, Rock, and the female protagonist, Revy; the moment being during episode 7 in which the two seem to have a semi heart-to-heart screaming match about the reasoning behind each of their actions and about their pasts. This scene really stood out to me as being a fantastic way for its characters to not only develop themselves, but also by furthering their relationship as squad mates. I’m very interested to see if the second season delves further into these territories and further emphasizes this dynamic between its characters. Where the show seems to fall short, however, is that a main focus of the series itself is the action element, and for me, action isn’t enough on its own to make me feel very highly of a series. While I certainly enjoyed it, there were a lot of moments that felt very, much like it was just showing off the coolness of the characters with little thought being put in to the believe-ability of it, and that’s why I’d say the rule of cool is a major factor. If you can just marvel at how awesome it is, the shots and actions probably won’t bother you all that much, but for me, that wasn’t the case. I was constantly bothered by several of the scenes presented, and so I had to resign myself to simply watch the spectacle, even though I couldn’t buy into it. If your someone that can overlook those things, you will most likely enjoy this show more than I did, and in that case I would highly suggest you watch it. If you’re not however, and are more like me, I would still give it a recommendation, but just an average one. While the series does have its dramatic and really interesting moments, this season seemed to mostly focus on the action as awesomeness aspects of the series, with some nice dramatic moments sprinkled in here and there. I hope the second season will deal more and more with the lives and troubles of working as a band of pirates. As such, I would give it a:

7 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “Initial Review: Black Lagoon

  1. I really loved Black Lagoon!! The four main characters are awesome, especially Revy. But I do agree with you on the show having moments that reveal just the coolness of the characters, especially Revy. She should have had a little bit more character development and a bit of some progression with her relationship with Rock. Those two deserved to become a couple!!
    The first season was amazing, but the second season, in my opinion, was not bad. It’s has a lot of action and tons of battle scenes.

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