Initial Review: Spice and Wolf (Season 1)

spice-and-wolfThe first season of Spice and Wolf went by so fast, the whole season felt like one episode. I can say I really enjoyed this little series quite a lot, even with the few things that bothered me. To start off with, the delve into medieval was very fascinating to me, and it felt as if the series really knew something about economics during that period. The understanding of currency exchange and the ways in which different currencies have and change value was very interesting to listen to. The only real problems I had with the series were that on occasion Holo, while for the most part was a very interesting character, got annoying at times, and some of the character interactions and reactions felt a little bit odd to me, but other than that I think the series was very well done. As I said earlier, the series really flew by as I kept watching episode after episode, not wanting it to end, but luckily for me, there’s a second season now that I’ve finished this first one, although I do hear gripes about the non-existence of a third. Anyway, since the story is mostly unfinished as of the end of this first season and there isn’t much for me to talk about, I’d like to at least say that I would definitely recommend this series to you; I’m sure it’ll keep your interesting just as it did mine, especially if you like the medieval/Renaissance Europe aesthetic or are into how merchant life worked during that period. I can safely say that this series, while it had a few weird nuances, was very good, and kept me wanting to watch more, and as such, I give it an:

8 out of 10.


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