First Impressions: Black Lagoon

black-lagoonThe rule of cool definitely seems to play a large part in Black Lagoon. Starting off, this series seems like a fast paced, adrenaline filled ride complete with enough intrigue to keep me entertained at the least. While I’m not super into it as of now, I see myself at least finishing it to see how everything plays out. This doesn’t seem like my particular cup of tea: heavy, over-the-top action isn’t something that’ll pull me through a series, but it’s not something I particularly dislike (but it’s something I enjoy from time to time). This seems like a series about a bunch a mercenaries trying to find their way in the world, and I’m hoping the series starts to focus more on their lives and choices rather than the unbelievable feats of action that I’ve seen throughout the first 3 episodes. For what it’s worth, the characters seem very interesting and I’m very interested in learning their backstories, and I am very eager to see how Rock takes things going forward, the switch from a white collar job to lawless gang work is an interesting thing to have to deal with. This seems like a series I’ll enjoy, but I don’t feel it’ll be anything more than that; although with that, I still think you should check it out, and if you’re into crazy action more than I am, this might just be the series for you.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Black Lagoon

    1. I’m almost finished with it, and should have a quick review of it out soon, and one thing I can say right now is that the action level has certainly increased since that post.

      Also, glad I could help give you a little insight on one of your prospective series. 🙂

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