Initial Review: Spirited Away

spirited-awayI’ve finally done it. I’ve finally gotten to renowned Spirited Away, by Hayao Miyazaki, and while I unfortunately can’t say it is the fantastical masterpiece that most people believe it to be, I can say that I still feel the film is very good, and kept me entertained throughout, and left me feeling satisfied with the movie as a whole. While I wasn’t one who thought the story was something fantastic, or amazing, I still felt it was a very strong narrative with some very rich (haha) ideas thrown in there for me to think about; I especially loved that the animal of choice for Chihiro’s parents was a pig, symbolizing gluttony in a very nice manner. I also liked the presentation of No Face and how the light he was shown in changed rapidly throughout the film’s run as we saw him through different perspectives. It really was a very well done idea, having a character with no real identity, (no face) be seen as something that was up to the interpretation of whoever was looking at or seeing him; very well done, in my opinion. While I do feel the film is very strong and has a lot to offer not to mention that it is accessible to all ages, I still did not feel gripped by the story as a whole and I feel that limited some of my enjoyment. The story did not grab me and force my eyes against the screen, but just kind of held my attention as the pictures (very pretty and fantastic, if I might add) flew by. This is certainly a film I am happy to have experienced, and would certainly recommend to others, but isn’t one of my favorites, nor something I believe is a masterpiece. It is with that, that I give this film an:

8 out of 10.


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