Manga Discussion: Nana to Kaoru

nana-to-kaoruI don’t often finish the manga I start reading, but Nana to Kaoru was something I had to read through to the end. The story follows the lives of childhood friends Nana Chigusa and Kaoru Sugimura as they interact with eachother and those around them. The story is a romance through and through and a story I would definitely recommend. It may be a bit off-beat with its quirks and presentation, but it tells a great story about 2 characters getting together. The whole series is 160 chapters in length, so it’s rather long, but it is certainly something you should be satisfied with. I would also like to mention the side story Black Label, which involves the same characters during a different time of their lives. It too is a great read and has many of the same elements that the original has and also expands upon the backgrounds of some minor but important characters. The story has some really well put-together characters that all have their own interesting ideas, philosophies and backstories, and seeing them all interact is certainly great to see. The way the romance in the series is handled is fantastic and very few if anything felt out of place or off-putting. If you’re into romance dramas I would highly recommend this to you, it is something I’m sure you’d enjoy. As I’ve said, the romance set up between the characters is very well done, and the execution of the narrative is fantastic. If you like romance stories, I’m sure this will be one you will enjoy as well. From me, this story definitely gets a:

10 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Manga Discussion: Nana to Kaoru

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, it really felt passionate and nothing seemed out of place in terms of the story elements. Everything that was there felt like it needed to be there.


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