Initial Review: Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

ghost-in-the-shell-innocenceGhost in the Shell 2: Innocence, had some shoes to fill after the success and greatness of the original film. While it does do its best, I feel that it falls slightly short of filling the shoes the original left for it. The film was made almost ten years after the original, and this can certainly be seen in the animation quality; the only problem is that they used an incredible amount of CG in it, and while CG isn’t necessarily bad, the CG at the time was not all the great. This left a lot of things looking sub par, although the CG backgrounds were actually very well done. The film’s soundtrack was great, which make sense since it was done by the same guy that did the original film’s music, Kenji Kawai. Now with all that stuff out of the way, I can get into why I feel this sequel doesn’t quite cross the line set by the 1995 film. To start off with, the philosophical backing of the original, has been turned way up, and is basically shoved in your face at an insane rate. While I do enjoy my philosophy in  entertainment, I felt like it was way too forced in this movie. Quotes are flying everywhere, and every character seems to have gone to college and gotten a doctorate in philosophy, and while enjoyable, still feels forced, and takes away from the actual experience of the film; to ask a question on its own. The second thing that took me off guard, in the sense that I didn’t think it would actually be as impactful as it was, is the absence of Motoko Kusanagi, The Major. I didn’t really realize how much of a role she played in the original film until I watched this one. She really is a fantastic character that adds to the experience of watching the movie, and when she’s taken out of the equation, her absence is really felt. And while I’ve been talking about all the things that make this film less than the original, I would now like take the time to say that even though these are some large factors, they still do not keep the film from being good. The movie has a lot to say, and presents what it wants to present well. It brings up some very interesting questions, and poses some very intriguing circumstances. It is also very interesting to see the world viewed from the perspective of Batou as well. After considering all this, I still think the film is something you should watch after having seen the first; while not being as quite good, it still certainly enhances the experience. I give the film a:

7 out of 10.


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