Initial Review: Pet Shop of Horrors

pet-shop-of-horrorsPet Shop of Horrors is a short and interesting series that discusses some very unique ideas, and is something I think you should at least check out. The 4 episode series is mostly episodic, and the quality of each individual episode varies greatly; the first 2 episodes are kind of okay or sort of meh, but the last 2 episodes are actually really good, and have some great content in them. I’ve never had a series that varies as wildly as this one in such a short time span, and it’s interesting to see how slight differences in presentation can affect a show’s overall appeal, and enjoyment factor. The first 2 episodes mostly just introduce the premise of the show, and while there are a few good parts, it mostly isn’t all that great. The latter 2 episodes however, discuss some really great topics and executes its discussion elegantly, especially the last episode, which I think is fantastic. The 3rd episode is an interesting take on the way in which fame works, and also shows a little budding romance that the show does a good job of making it seem real. Since the show is so short, it’s hard to talk about much without spoiling things, but what I can say, is that I would recommend watching it, and if you like a heartfelt story, making your way through the series shouldn’t disappoint you. The only problem with the series is that the first 2 episodes aren’t all that good, but if you can get through those, I think the series is rather satisfying. This is a series I would definitely recommend, especially since it is so short, but that doesn’t change the fact that the first half is just kind of okay. I give the series a:

7 out of 10.



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