Initial Review: The Boy and the Beast

the-boy-and-the-beastThe Boy and the Beast is a fun narrative that seems to know what it’s doing, and how to accomplish it; it also happens to be a good story with some memorable characters. The story centers around the interactions between a boy named Ren (or Kyuuta) and a beast named Kumatetsu. As it turns out, Kumatetsu is actually contending to be the Grandmaster (King) of his city but unfortunately for him, he’s not allowed to be as he has no disciples. As it would happen, Ren finds himself as being Kumatetsu’s first disciple. The story then proceeds to show how the two allow eachother to grow, and how they each need eachother to succeed. The film also some good messages about doing things for oneself, and also about understanding oneself. The film is almost never slow or boring, and tells a lot about the characters and their world in its 2 hour run time. The soundtrack is pretty good, and the animation is very, very pretty. The film even manages to weave in a small little romance plot that doesn’t seem to forced but instead is actually kind of sweet to see develop. The film wastes no time, and tells the story to its fullest. There are no stops, nor red lights, just go, and that definitely works to its advantage; there is never a dull moment. The film also shows the characters personalities, not by spelling it out to us, but instead by their actions and their words; it does a great job of showing what each character is like simply based on their behavior, and that is something I love. The story isn’t anything rivetingly inventive, but it does deliver on its strength. There wasn’t much that hasn’t been done before, but it’s so well crafted that it masks that fact pretty well. The film is wholly competent, and has some great moments, but doesn’t do anything spectacular. I give the film an:

8 out of 10.


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