Initial Review: Rec

recAs short of a show as Rec is, it certainly delivers on value. The premise of the show is fairly simple and straight forward and the romance plot is pretty normal as well, but they way the story presents itself is certainly something great. The series is so short, that it’s hard to describe things without spoiling the plot, but I will do my best; before I do though, I would like to say that I highly recommend you check it out, it has some great moments in it, and is overall, really well put together. The story revolves around the lives and happenings of its two main characters, Aka Onda, an upcoming voice actress, and Fumihiko Matsumaru a salary man who works for an advertising company. The story follows the two’s lives as their jobs intersect, and how the two progressing (or not progressing) their lines of work. The shows comedy is pretty good, and its serious moments are also quite well done. The show uses its short run-time to its advantage, and scenes never seem to take longer than they should, and also, you can blow through this whole thing in about 2 hours, so it’s a quick watch. The characters feel real, and alive in their world and the romance between the two is also fun to watch as it grows and develops. The show ends on a great note, that, while a season 2 would be nice, is satisfying on its own, and feels complete. The shows use of an adult main cast also helps the story feel refreshing in the see of highschool settings that are plentiful. Its a nice sweet story to watch and make you feel good. It shows how troubling a job can be, in the job itself, and managing a private life on the side as well. The show really puts a lot of energy and strength into its small package, and that’s something I like to see. It doesn’t skip a beat, and everything is just great to watch. The how tells a nice romance story with some work/life drama sprinkled in and also has some fun characters. I give the series an:

8 out of 10.


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