First Impressions: Rec

recAfter having watched 5 episodes of Rec, I can say that the series seems to be something fun and enjoyable to watch. The story seems to be going down the direction of two characters finding and understanding how to survive in the adult world, all while gradually becoming romantically involved with eachother. The “fitting into the adult world” thing is reminiscent of NANA, a show I think is fantastic, and so I’m a little excited for this little series. Unfortunately for me, this series is only 10 episodes long if you include the special, and each episode is only 13 minutes long. Luckily though, there is a manga that’s been completed so if I want to continue with the story, that option is available. The romance between the two characters is also nice to see as after episode one, it is very clear that the two like eachother, and they don’t seem to do much to hide that fact other than the fact that they say the two of them aren’t romantically involved; they don’t go out and say they don’t like eachother, and instead just say they aren’t close, and I like that. The two protagonists are likable and each seem to have their own goals in mind of what they want to see themselves in the future. So far, the series has been a fun watch and I encourage you to watch it as well.


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