Initial Review: Clannad

clannadIt took me a long time to get through  Clannad, and unfortunately, it’s not because I didn’t have the time to watch it. For me, the series was very painful to get through, and while the show did improve throughout the run, it certainly didn’t redeem itself. First, I would like to say that the series didn’t go down the path I most feared: keeping each character strictly in the lines of an archetype. The series did flesh out most of its characters to a degree that I found acceptable, and so at least my worst fears were averted. That said, I still must acknowledge the fact that the first 12 to 14 episodes were incredibly painful to watch. I found them to be incredibly boring and in the end, I feel that most of it could have been cut out. That is not good for this series because that number of episodes is about half the length of the entire series, and if I can say I’d be okay of half of it were cut out, that isn’t a good thing. I feel that if they made this series 1 cour, and cut out most of the things from the first half, I would have liked the series a lot more. That first half was unbelievably slow, and getting through it was a challenge. That said, I now get to talk about the latter half of the series, which, in my opinion, was actually watchable. The pace quickens drastically, and it actually feels like things are getting done. Relationships are developing, and important character interactions are at an all time high. The series sets up it dramatic moments with decent efficiency, and the drama that takes place feels a lot more reasonable and well thought out than that of the first half. I would say that I actually enjoyed the 2nd half of the series; it didn’t bore me to tears. I would now like to talk about another thing that bothered me: the fact that the series strongest points of drama and potential character growth and change (in my opinion), was almost completely tossed aside and forgotten for the entire series. This sub plot would be the relationship between our main character, Tomoya Okazaki, and his father. Their relationship is only shown, and not talked about other than a few pieces of information, but nothing all the well put together. Maybe it’s explained in the sequel, but I sure hope I at least get something to chew on from that little story. The characters themselves, while a bit annoying at times, weren’t completely outrageous, and cringe worthy (although I will say that Sunohara was incredibly painful to watch almost every time he was on screen). After having seen the whole series, I can say that this style of show may not be suitable for my taste, and that might be why I didn’t enjoy it as much as most people do. I found almost the entire first half of the series to be completely boring, and the enjoyment I got from the 2nd half did little to increase my opinion on the series. The one saving grace of the series was the short special, I watched afterwards, which I actually thought was pretty decent, and better than the entire series combined, maybe I’ll do a short review of that at some point, let me know in the comments. I do consider that its own separate thing though because its an alternate reality, and so it won’t play a part in my rating for the series. The first half was a trip through misery, and while I did enjoy that second half, it wasn’t anything spectacular in my eyes. I wasn’t blown away by this series, but I also do think it has its merits. It certainly isn’t  bad in the sense that some others are. I would say that in the end, while I wasn’t super thrilled after finishing it, I can look back and say that I’m glad I watched it (but I have no desire to watch it again). After all of that, I feel like this series deserves the score of a:

6 out of 10.


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