First Impressions: Cencoroll

cencorollCencoroll is a fun ride through and though, and I would highly suggest you check it out; it’s only 26 minutes long, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t. I’m very excited to see that there is a sequel coming out because I would really like to see where the story goes, considering it is incomplete after this first episode. Normally I would call this an initial review considering I’ve seen the whole thing, but because it was so short and a sequel’s coming out, I’ll save a review until the story completes itself (or until they decide to stop making it). I can’t really say much without spoiling things, but it does give me a similar feeling to Parasyte, one of my most favorite series. I hope this turns out just as good, and I hope it ends up being longer than just 2, 26 minute episodes; there’s a lot of potential here. I recommend you check it out and see it for yourself, I definitely feel it’s worth your time.


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