Initial Review: Alderamin on the Sky

alderamin-on-the-skyThe modern anime light novel is something that has been far over done recently, and Alderamin on the Sky comes very close to being as generic and boring as the rest. The series seems to contain many of the same elements that most of these shows contain: the stereotypical tsundere, the childhood friend, the loli, the over powered main character, this show has all of it. But were this series differentiates itself is in battlefield tactics, and their portrayal in the show that gives the series a breath of intelligence and dignity that most light novel adaptations from recent years don’t have. The series explores how war is damaging not only to those that lost their loves, but also to those who have to live with their loss, and it plays this idea up very well and with thought. The series highlights the ways in which tactics play an important roll in the outcome of a battle and how a good general can’t beat a superior foe so long as they are smart and can think on their feet. The place this series does fall short however, is in the genericness of a lot of its characters and incredible predictability of its plot. I would lying if I said the series didn’t have its fair share of super cookie cutter characters with there own very uninspired designs, but for the most part these elements are only cringy at worst and don’t have that large of an impact on the real intelligent parts of the story. Now, on to the main character of our story, our hero character, Ikta Solork, who in the beginning comes off as a right jerk, and persists to be a right jerk all the way through the series. Ikta however, happens to be a genius when it comes to commanding a platoon, tactical problem solving, and planning and executing tactics. His counterpart Yatori Igsem, is basically an unstoppable killing machine that has known Ikta since a young age and is one of his few friends. Yatori has also been incredibly indoctrinated in the ideas and mindsets of a hierarchical system, so much so that if she were given and order to killed Ikta, she says she would do it, but first she would destroy her own personality, showing that she would not kill him so long as she is still the Yatori he knows. This is both interesting and aggravating at the same time as it very well tells us the kind of character she is, but also makes it very hard to accept her as a real serious character if she would obey such an order, although that last part is helped by the fact that she says she would no longer be herself at that point, meaning that it wouldn’t really be her doing it, but that idea is another topic for another day; this isn’t the place to discuss philosophy. All in all, the series gives a minor refresher to a genre that desperately needs it, but also is very reminiscent of why the genre needs refreshing. This series was entertaining at the very least and certainly gives me hope for the future of the genre. It had some interesting ideas to discuss, and overall gave me the impression that it was doing its best to escape the light novel trap that has sunk so many things. I would most likely watch a second season just to see if the it continues to show its good points while slowly explaining and reducing its bad ones, but it was made by Madhouse, so a second season is almost certainly never going to happen (Madhouse please, make some second seasons). I did enjoy most of my run through this series even through some of its worst moments, and so I give this series a:

7 out of 10.              Update


4 thoughts on “Initial Review: Alderamin on the Sky

  1. I kind of like that Ikta is a jerk because if he was a nice guy all the time he would be such a boring protagonist. The fact that he acts entirely out of self-interest and would rather not act at all at least differentiates him from all the other protagonists out there who just have to save the day or do something about the unfairness of a situation.
    I really enjoyed Alderamin this Summer and while I wouldn’t mind a second season I feel they at least gave us some closure so it doesn’t feel like it just got chopped off midstream.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Yeah, I do feel like that is one thing that sets this series above the rest of the light novel series that have been coming out recently. He isn’t the “do no wrong” protagonist, and I feel this helps the series from feeling too stale. While I do feel like the series had some closure to it, this series felt very much like a prologue to the entire series, and that there is a lot more of the world to explore. The series interested me enough so that I’d watch a second season, but didn’t interest me enough to read the light novels, if that makes any sense.

      Thanks for the comment. You receive the accolade of having left the first one on my blog, thank you! 🙂

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      1. First comment, wow.
        I get what you mean about not being interested enough to track down another medium to finish the story. I don’t read manga as a rule and there are very few anime that have interested me enough to read that manga to find out how an incomplete story should have ended.

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