Initial Review: Kuromukuro

kuromukuroI don’t think I’ve seen a series as inconsistent as Kuromukuro, and I can say that the series has some amazing elements, and some questionable ones. The series is fairly generic in its plot, as a fairly standard mecha shows in which some evil entity invades the earth and the only way to fight them is with giant robots, and it sticks to this idea very strongly with the mech and pilots both gradually get more powers and such as the series goes on. The series has a fairly decent romantic subplot going on between our main characters, Yukina Shirahane, and Kennosuke Ouma which leads to some fairly well executed drama towards the end of the series. I like to see series set up their drama and this one does that, and it does that well in this sense which is nice and refreshing after seeing so much “forced drama”. The series does a fine job of connecting its cast members together and fleshing most of them out while also not being right in your face about who they are specifically, save a few details. Where the series does struggle however, is with its consistency. There are some moments of forced drama, some crazy deus ex machina moments, and some points that don’t make any sense at all, and this really shows through in a series that isn’t trying to be outlandish and creative. What the series does it does well, but because it isn’t trying to hide its faults they show through very clearly and this is damaging to the series as a whole. The series had some nice ideas, like how they had a samurai from 400 years ago be revived in modern times; they had him react in a way that seems reasonable to what might actually happen, such as being confused at just about everything, and not really understanding much about anything in the begin. We do see him learn about the new world and develop an understanding of it over time, which was nice to see. The series also briefly touches on the idea of artificial life, and looked like it had some things to say about it, but ultimately fell through on discussing it more than a few minutes. The series had some ideas to spread, but didn’t execute very many of them in an interesting and meaningful manner, and this hurt the series as well. The series itself was actually pretty enjoyable to watch, although it may not be very memorable, it was still a nice ride while it lasted. While it could have expanded on some interesting ideas it had, and had the story been tighter this series could have been something more than just a fun ride in the moment. If things were consistent and well planned out the series could have been a lot deeper than it was and have given me something to think about, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The series was enjoyable to watch and kept me interested for the full 26 episode run time, but I wouldn’t say the series is a standout, and so I give this series a:

7 out of 10.              Update


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