Initial Review: 91 Days

91-days91 Days is a revenge story, through and through, but where it differs is the message it has to say. On the onset of the series, we are shown the scenario in which would cause our main character, Avilio, to seek revenge. Avilio is sent a letter that tells him the names of those he seeks revenge on, and decides to carry out his plan, after infiltrating the family that harbors those people. At the onset of the series, Avilio’s motives and actions are very clear, and his goal is very well established in his mind, as well as the viewers. However, his all changes shortly into the series and this not only gets the audience to question what is going to happen, but Avilio himself begins to question his own motives. After meeting up with one of the targets of Avilio’s revenge, Nero, he slowly befriends him, and the two end up spending time together and getting to know one another. As we come to find out, Nero is actually a pretty great and nice guy, despite of what he did, and this causes some conflict in Avilio, and the audience, as they aren’t sure who they should be rooting for. The mafia backdrop is merely a vehicle for this story on revenge and its nature, and only seems to emphasize the idea of trust and betrayal. The series takes special care to demonstrate the ways in which one person revenge plot can greatly influence the lives of others, and also how it can negatively impact the bearer of the plot. We also get to see the ways in which the ideas of revenge and the mindset of one who seeks it can be contagious and spread through people. We get to see the chaos that can ensue when hope turns into despair as trust is betrayed and alliances crumble. The series was very well crafted with these ideas in mind. The soundtrack, and especially the opening match these ideas perfectly, and not only that, but they also set the tone for the series as being slow, dark, sad, and overall very powerful. The colors used in this series are mostly desaturated to fit the tone of bleak and miserable, which is the life of one whose purpose in life is revenge. We get to see the ways that Avilio’s life is drained from him as the strain and the stress of his plot only seem to grip him, and pull him in multiple directions that his body can’t handle, he is being split in half by his own emotions and troubled past. Overall, the series does a very good job of addressing its themes, staying focused and keeping the viewers attention, and while  there are certainly some noteworthy flaws, the series still manages to get its message across in a very good way. The ending is also very well done and also seems to some up all of the series themes and ideas with a bang. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and would much like to see more like it come out in the future, and so I can, with full confidence, give this series an:

8 out of 10.              Update


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