Initial Review: Macross Δ

macross-deltaAs my second experience in the Macross franchise, Macross Δ was certainly a pleasure to watch. I first got into the Macross series when I watched Macross Frontier, a series I consider a masterpiece (and yes, I know I haven’t watched the Original or Do You Remember Love yet, I know I’m a scrub, I’m getting to them). And now on to Δ, we begin the series with the introduction of our love triangle members, Hayate Immelmann, our blue haired male lead who just so happens to be one of the greatest fighter pilots ever, Freyja Wion, our soon to be pop-idol singer who also happens to be a Windermerean (an alien race), and is also a giant ball of energy (also best girl), and Mirage Jenius, who not only is an aside to the Original SDF Macross, but also happens to be a decent pilot as well as being part Zentradi (another alien race), she is often times screwed over in all regards when it comes to this series. Now, onto the plot; it is utterly ridiculous, and if you can;t seem to get into it, you will probably not end of enjoying the series as a whole, but if you can get into it, you’re gonna love it. The general idea is that music and singing is basically a “weapon” that is used to quell a disease known as Var Syndrome, which causes people to go berserk and go on massive killing rampages and stuff; you know, normal stuff. And basically what ends up happening is that we follow our main trio of characters in their journey through a tough war while new crazy elements are added to the science of this world and the overall plot keeps getting zanier. That is this series in a nutshell, but one of the main draws for this series is the music, the music is great, and that the giant mecha fights (yeah, there are giant robots in here as well) are great backdrops for musical scores and the such, there’s a lot of music, and it almost all sounds really amazing. The animation is solid throughout, and the CG seemed to be on point. Overall, I would say that this series is very specialized and that you will either end up loving it, or hating it, and I just so happen to fall into the loving it category. On a side note, it should be said that this and most other Macross series are completely separate from any other plot or storyline in the Macross franchise, and the only similarity is that they are all in the same universe, and so it is entirely possible to watch all the many shows in any order you want, Delta (if you didn’t know, that “Δ” thing is the Greek letter Delta) included, and so go nuts with your watch order of the series. After having seen 2 installations in the franchise, I can say that they are both great series although there are some things I would have liked Delta to have done better, and so I give this series a:

9 out of 10              Update


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