Initial Review: Tales of Zestiria the X

tales-of-zestiria-the-xTales of Zestiria the X falls under the sub genre of, “and the hero saves the world” and in that nature it is a fairly generic story, however, it does bring to the table some pretty likable characters and a rather interesting world, so as to make the series and enjoyable experience (I have not played any “Tales of” games and so I can’t say anything about them, and this review has not been influenced by them). First off we have our main cast of characters which include Sorey, our hero, Alisha Diphda, our warrior princess character, and Mikleo, our super powered friend character. These are the main characters of the series, or at least as of now, considering that the series has a second season coming out during the Winter 2017 season, but I’ll get to that later. Sorey starts off looking like a typical naive hero character that doesn’t know anything about anything, and that is largely true, the only thing that makes him special is that he can see and hear Seraphim, which brings me to my next point, Mikleo, Sorey’s childhood friend who just so happens to be one of these Seraphim. Mikleo largely makes up for Sorey’s faults by usually having a logical processing component, which Sorey is usually lacking and so Mikleo keeps Sorey from doing anything too stupid while also backing him up when he’s in a pinch, not only that, but he’s also pretty funny. Alisha is falls under the warrior princess archetype in a almost all aspects except that she is opposed to fighting and war, and is always trying to help the weak, making her stand out from the rest of the warrior princesses, but she is still a fairly generic character who I found liking, but I never was actually rooting for her. She comes off as rather naive and this is apparent to most of the characters around her, most notably, Rose (best girl). Rose isn’t a main character during this first season, but given what we got at the end of this first season, I can almost guarantee that she will become incredibly important during the second season. Rose, unlike Alisha or Sorey, is seen as a realist as opposed to an idealist, she is a lot more pessimistic than those two, and often times a lot more sensical; she is also not above killing people. There are also 2 more notable Seraphim that Sorey meets on his journey, Lailah and Edna. Lailah being the fire entity and Edna being the earth one, and I forgot to mention, but Mikleo is water. And now you might be wondering, there’s something missing here, aren’t there usually four elements? and yes, that is true, but we won’t know more about that until season 2. The unfortunate thing about this series however, is that the last few episodes were incredibly rushed and the story moved at a blistering pace, this caused things to feel uneven and feel very confusing, and this could have very easily been avoided had they left out the entire 2 episode arch where it instead showed a completely different story from a completely different game; the story had a Tales of Berseria arch. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the arch, it had really interesting characters and a plot that sounded like it was going to be really good, but I feel that they should have instead just made it its own series instead of placing inside another one, this would have greatly improved the pacing issues of the later episodes. And so, after taking all this in mind, I give this series a:

7 out of 10              Update


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