Initial Review: Gunbuster

gunbusterThis series certainly showed promise in the beginning, but I also had some concerns for it, and unfortunately, Gunbuster continued to make those same mistakes. First off, I’ll start with the parts that I did like about the series that kept it from falling in abysmal land: the ending was pretty good, the “big bad” of the series was handled pretty well, the robots looked cool, I overall liked the aesthetic of the show, and the plot points all seemed to connect in a reasonable way. That said, the series was still far from great. The series as a whole felt incredibly rushed, and some of the key plot points, thought logical, were blazed through without proper setup, and had lackluster finishing. There was a love interest that developed into “true love” in a time span of about 10 minutes, a random disease that spawns out of no where, that causes great strife amongst the cast, characters behaving in violently different manners, and some drama that felt very forced. If the series had had more time, and developed some of these things, it definitely could have been good, but with only 6 episodes, the series tried to get through too much material in too short of a time span. There isn’t much else to say for an Initial Review, other than that the series had the potential to be great, but tried to do too much in the little time it had, and if it had consolidated its efforts onto a few couple of points, it could have shined gloriously because it had the backbone to do so. They tried to make a skyscraper with only the materials for a small house, and those materials ran thin; they just couldn’t pile everything into such a short window of opportunity. If a re-adaptation were to come out and it were to be of normal length, I would certainly watch it just to see all that they could improve on, because this series could have been so much more than what it was. It is unfortunate, but because of these serious faults, I give this series a:

5 out of 10.              Update


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