Initial Review: Re: Zero

re-zeroWe all knew this was coming, I couldn’t not make a review for this show, I mean, it’s like super popular right now, and that can only be good for my view count; and so, we have my initial review of Re: Zero. The series starts off with a 50 minute pilot episode, and that basically covers almost all of the general level exposition we get in the series, and also gets us familiar with the gimmick of the series, the time loop ability, or to spell it out, our main character has basically obtained a real life version of the respawn mechanic from videos games, although he can’t choose his save points. This I think is a very interesting concept, and one that did keep me attached to the series for the first few episodes before the novelty wore off. The animation in the series is astounding, and the soundtrack is also very good. The story follows a few archs, and establishes a main storyline, but that isn’t touched on too much in the actual series, and we instead are shown many smaller archs that play into the one major line. We have our main character, Subaru Natsuki, who turns out to be a shut-in NEET (Not in Employment Education nor Training). We have our stereotypical love interest white haired half elf girl Emilia, and also, Reddit’s waifu of the year, Rem (the blue haired demon girl that’s all over the internet). Now that we have the important characters, lets get on with the story. As it would turn out, if you couldn’t figure out from the title (Starting Life in Another World From Zero), this story is set in a fantasy world, in which our “hero” (antihero? not yet though, but potentially) Subaru is transported to, although it is in an unusual way, as it happens as he is conscious, thus causing him to freak out, as his typical journey home from the convenience store has taken a bit of a detour (no really, his groceries go with him). From here we see that Subaru, like many of you readers, is very well aware of how this is supposed to work, in the sense that he has now become the OP god of this world and that everything will be handed to him until he becomes emperor of mankind, except that doesn’t happen and he actually gets the crap kicked out of him by a bunch of street thugs. As the story goes on, we see Subaru repeat the same time loop until he eventually succeeds, and oh yeah, forgot to mention, but his respawn ability is just like it sounds, it activates upon death, So we get to watch Subaru get brutally murdered a couple of times, fun. As the story continues, we see Subaru come across problems, fail to solve them, and through countless trial and error, we see him succeed, if that isn’t a metaphor for how success works, then I don’t know what is. That is one of the most important parts about the story, is that it is a very clear representation of the ideology of never giving up, and this is VERY apparent in one of the episodes, where we see the many colors of the title. We are also introduced to new characters, each with their very unique philosophies and ideas, and each of them lands a certain impression on Subaru, and each of them help him grow as a character, as Subaru is a very dynamic character. The story has 3 main archs that are shown, each with its own set of unique ideas, and stakes, and each of them has their specific dramatic moments, with one arch arguably being able to be split into 2 smaller archs, but that’s for another day. Now with all that said, there are still some problems I have with the series, and those problems mostly come in the later archs, and so I don’t wanna spoil them. This problem however may just stem from the fact that I watched the series episodically instead of via way of marathon (what I would advise for almost all series). And as such, I find it very difficult to gives this series a solid rating without having first rewatched the series in a Marathon like fashion, and so (until a rewatch) I give this series a:

? out of 10.


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