First Impressions: Gunbuster

gunbusterI’m 2 episodes into it, and Gunbuster feels like a much different series than I’m used to, and I like that, however, that still doesn’t mean I think the series is without its shaking moments. First off, the series feels very rushed, and didn’t take much time to flesh out its characters, and that hurts it a lot; while they did seem to give each one a personality, they have yet to give them some compelling characteristics. I hope the series doesn’t continue on the path it has, with how rushed a lot of the character development is, if it can solve that, I’m confident that I will enjoy this series. What it does well, is set up some good action sequences, and if the character development were there, it would have set up some very good drama pieces, but because it wasn’t, those scenes fell a little flat. I have hopes for this series going forward, and hope that it will slow down as it exits its exposition stage and decides to develop things properly. Our main character, Noriko Takaya, could definitely could be fleshed out some more, but she does have the template for a very likable and fun character, and I hope that as I continue watching, I will be able to root for her. I’m hopeful for this series because it has the structure to support a very well done and thought out series, but whether or not it can capitalize on that has yet to be seen, and I hope that I’m right for putting my faith in it.


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