Initial Review: Wolf Children

wolf-childrenWolf Children, is a movie that one might look at, think about it, and come up with their own ideas as to what the film is about, but no matter who that person is, they will never be able to come up with the entirety of what the film is, and stands for. I went into this film thinking that is was going t be about child raising, and while that is part of it, I never imagined that it would venture into as many things as it did, and explore each of them with incredible detail, and great timing. What makes this film so great, is that it touches on just about everything there is to “life”, and I mean that in the sense of the human experience. We get to see the flowers (haha) of love as our main character, Hana, falls in love with a man, we get to see them give birth, and raise their children, we get to see the difficulties of a child growing up in an unfamiliar environment, and understanding who they are, we get to see how cruel society and, especially kids, can be, the way people grow to accept one another, we get to see the effects of loss, and finally, we see the parting of parent and child, there’s hardly anything left to cover. While this movie is very long, it is still amazing how much of a story it was able to tell, and is definitely something that you should consider watching soon. The soundtrack fits perfectly, and the animation is solid. You get to see the joys of life in the playful fun of the children, and the bitterness of what life can be like, through Hana, and the other adults in her life. Overall, I would say that, while this film is not my favorite, it deserves nothing less than a:

10 out of 10.


5 thoughts on “Initial Review: Wolf Children

  1. I adore this movie and have seen this three times! The gentle celebration of simple life always washes over me. The story is beautifully told. The first 10min depicting the love between Hana and the werewolf reminds me of the opening sequence of Up. There’s another wordless scene depicting Yuki and Ame’s rite of passage that is just amazing.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve seen it 3 times as well, and can say it is one of my more favorites films. It’s serine while also mixing in plenty of interesting and beautiful moments.


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