Initial Review: Taboo Tattoo

taboo-tattooOh dear, this review may sound a little ranty, but if you’ve seen the show, you know why. Taboo Tattoo, from the first episode looked like it at least had some potential to be at least half decent, but upon finishing the entire series, I can say that it most certainly was not. Not only was the story, a complete mess, but the characters didn’t make any sense most of the time, the story tried to put in random comedy scenes in out of know where, tried to have a serious and dark story, although everything that ended up happening was utterly ridiculous, and instead of just going for a “we know it’s bad, let’s have fun with it” they decided to try and save the sinking ship by adding more water to it, there was only one part of it, where they just said screw it, and decided to go all out on the “this is stupid, let’s throw in something that is so dumb and bad that people will actually root for it”, and that part was the death flag guy, who only enters around the 10th or 11th episode, so it was a little late to save the series (also, there’s a Colonel Sanders, but he ends up being more cringe worthy than fun). There’s so many other problems about this series, but I really don’t like giving it more time than it already has, that’s just not fair to the good shows, and so you should avoid it at all costs, seriously, it’s absolutely horrendous, and I give it a:

2 out of 10.


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