Initial Review: Perfect Blue

perfect-blueThis review for the film, Perfect Blue, is going to be very short, mostly because I had difficulty picking up and understanding everything that was happening. I was able to (I think) understand the general conflict and climax, as well as the conclusion, but I am still very confused on most of what happened, and the entire film felt like one giant mess that I’ll have to pick through in order to understand to a reasonable degree. I don’t think the series is bad though, and I’ll have to put some more time into rewatching the series, in order to get a better grasp of what happened. I do think you should check it out to see if you can better understand it than I did, but as for now, I don’t feel like I can give the film a rating that I’m happy with, and so (Until a Full Review) I give the film a:

? out of 10.              Update


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