First Impressions: Mahoutsukai no Yome

mahoutsukai-no-yomeMahoutsukai no Yome, is a series I see great potential in, if only it had more episodes, or was a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of this series, and am saddened to see that it is only getting 3 total episodes released over an entire year. The characters so far, are incredibly likable, the setting is amazing, and the visuals are some of the best I’ve seen; this series could be so much more than what I see in its future. I hope I’m wrong, and that the next 2 episodes really blow me away with their quality, as I have been wrong about short series before: Planetarian, one of my favorite series (I’m excited for the movie!!). Because there’s only 1 episode out, and another one probably won’t be coming out for a while, the only thing I can really say about this series, without spoiling things, is that the series has some supernatural/magical elements in it, some really low-key sort of quality of life magic (think Flying Witch), not the “I’m shooting fire and lightning out of my hands” type magic. I would highly suggest you take a look at this first episode, as I believe this series has a lot of potential. I look forward to future episodes, and I hope that it lives up to what I’ve seen so far; it could grow into something amazing.


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