First Impressions: Hourou Musuko

hourou-musukoHourou Musuko, 3 episodes in, and I’m already loving it. It has the same feel (and artstyle) as Koi Kaze and Aoi Hana, two shows I appreciate a lot. This series, like the other two, doesn’t seem to be afraid to do what it wants to do, and explores an idea that isn’t often explored, and it does it in a completely series manner. It explores a concept that is completely foreign to me (I’m not transgender) and really seems to be delving into the lives of people who feel this way, and that is something that I find fascinating. I like learning about the many different perspective that different people have, and this series scratches that itch for me, it explores the mindset and everyday life of people who are transgender. This issue, is often passed around the politics table and is often used as a bargaining chip just to win votes and not actually taken as a serious issue, while this series helps raise awareness about it and helps get people to care about it. I’m really enjoying the series so far, and I hope it keeps up with what it’s keeping up with, and I’m really happy to see a piece of media exploring a subject as touchy and controversial as this one.


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